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Access To A Criminal Lawyer For You

Access To A Criminal Lawyer For You

In Singapore, Police have the power to arrest without warrant when the police suspect that an arrestable offence has been committed. Arrestable offence are usually serious offences such as rioting, voluntarily causing grievous hurt, and outrage of modesty.

For non-arrestable offence however, unless the offence is carried out in front of the police, the police will have to conduct an investigation first before issuing a warrant to arrest against the accused.

Upon arrest, and upon the arrival at the police station or the detention centre, the accused may request for a Criminal Lawyer while under the police custody. However, such request may be refused if the police are of the view that this will interfere with their investigations to the offence committed.

In such cases, access to lawyers will only be available after certain investigations had been carried out, to the satisfaction of the police but must be within 48 hours of the detention.

Regardless, the police, under Section 68 of the Criminal Procedure Code, can detain the accused for 48 hours at most.

During the 48 hours, the police must bring the accused to the Magistrate Court where the Magistrate Court may extend the custody, if necessary.

Alternatively, for an arrest without warrant, the police may release the accused on bail pending further investigation. The court may also consider the bail issue when the accused is produced before the Magistrate Court.

For an arrestable offence however, the bail itself is usually endorsed in the warrant itself. Otherwise, the court will consider the bail issue upon presented to the Magistrate Court.

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